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Holistic healthy with the healing teachings of Ayurveda


AyurVienna is your Ayurveda competence in Austria

Ayurveda, a holistic health management

Ayurveda is the oldest medical wisdom that has come down to us, with its holistic knowledge of the connections between body, mind and soul. It sees itself as the science of a long, healthy and happy life. Ayurvedic medicine has been helping people achieve health and well-being for thousands of years. ​


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AyurVienna cures

At AyurVienna cures, yoga and meditation are another central element for connecting body, mind and soul!


AyurVienna HOME

5 days Ayurveda cleansing cure for at home

AyurVienna is a platform for holistic health management based on the millennia-old healing theory of Ayurveda and has a network of Ayurveda doctors and specialists trained in Europe and India.

AyurVienna makes your very personal Ayurveda usable and tangible in Austria!

Image by Marc-Olivier Jodoin

Ayurveda focuses on the essentials by reducing excess.

"Ten days with the Ayurvienna team in the Waldviertel mean complete renewal and a new start - slowed down, relaxed, healthier and all that with pleasure. I'm looking forward to the next time!"


Your AyurVienna team

Our goal is to establish a modern, open-minded Ayurveda offer in Austria with recognized Ayurveda experts.

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