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Ayurveda, a holistic health management

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The biggest secret is probably ourselves. As well as the inner power to heal ourselves when body, mind and soul are in harmony.

Ayurveda is the oldest medical wisdom that has been handed down to us with holistic knowledge of the connections between body, mind and soul.

It sees itself as the science of a long, healthy and happy life.

Ayurvedic medicine has been helping people achieve health and well-being for thousands of years. The basic idea behind it is to restore balance on a physical and mental level. Holistic medicine in its purest form.


This teaching, which is based in India, has highly effective treatment and cleansing methods, mature herbal medicine and comprehensive nutritional science.


An essential element lies in the Ayurvedic anamnesis by experienced Ayurveda doctors and therapists. The basic constitution is recorded in detail in connection with the current state of health and the therapy goals are defined. Based on this, the steps of your individual cure are planned.

Important elements are the stimulation of the digestive power, the strengthening of the immune system and the elimination of waste products and toxins.


Activating and regenerating Ayurvedic oil massages, heat therapy and herbal medicine contribute significantly to improving general well-being and alleviating symptoms. 


Ayurvedic nutrition and targeted exercise programs support the recovery process.

Comprehensive lifestyle and nutritional advice allows health goals to be achieved in the long term.


The value of Ayurveda in our time:

Lifestyle, nutrition, everyday work and social environment have an influence on our body, our health and our well-being.

When the compensatory mechanisms of our inner world - immune system, hormonal system, nervous system, psyche - can no longer withstand the pressure of the outside world, illnesses can occur.


Ayurveda gives us the opportunity to respond to all health needs individually.


Provisions so that body and mind can withstand the demands of our lives and enable us to live a healthy and contented life in the long term.

AyurVienna offers preventive treatments for a health check, as well as for relaxation and stabilization of well-being

Fixing first symptoms

With timely intervention, symptoms such as insomnia, mental stress, digestive problems, joint pain, etc. can be remedied by simple measures.


AyurVienna detox cures can provide quick and lasting relief here.

Treating diseases


In the case of longer-lasting complaints or already chronic illnesses, an individual treatment concept will be considered.


An AyurVienna Panchakarma cure is comparable to a "reset button" - the body is reset to "zero" through extensive cleaning processes and then has the chance to completely rebuild and align itself.

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At AyurVienna cures, yoga and meditation are another central element for connecting body, mind and soul!

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Center Vienna

Holistic Ayurvedic medicine

health consultations

Ayurvedic massages

Nutritional Counseling and Yoga 

"Ten days with the Ayurvienna team in the Waldviertel mean complete renewal and a new start - slowed down, relaxed, healthier and all that with pleasure. I'm looking forward to the next time!"


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