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You can submit medical services and massages to your health insurance company.


We are contractual partners of Generali Gesundheitsversicherung in the field of cures and check-ups

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Outpatient packages in Vienna: Prevention and balance

Inpatient treatment packages in the Geras health resort


We are a contractual partner of Generali Gesundheitsvorsorge Rundum G'sund in the field of Ayurveda treatments and outpatient health advice with massages and nutrition


We are contractual partner of the ÖGK for annual medical check-ups (direct reimbursement via the health insurance without costs).


We are contractual partners with the SVS with the right to the so-called"Health Hundreds"with simultaneous agreement of manual therapies.

The procedure for SVS policyholders is as follows:

  • Completion of a medical check-up or participation in the "Self-employed healthy" program  

  • Minimum effort 150 euros

  • Submit the invoices and result sheet for the medical check-up by post to the DLZ Sicherheit & Gesundheit, Mozartstraße 41, 4010 Linz or by email to or submit an application online

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