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Meditation in Natur

Holistic healthy with Ayurveda


Sandra Zerbs

Individual yoga sessions

(1:1 or small group) with a focus on back health and stress management.

Yoga classes tailored precisely to your needs with breathing techniques, meditation and sound.

"It is a pleasure to work with Sandra - sensitive and with a wealth of experience"


Tetyana Schenk

Yoga Nidra (in a small group) helps you let go of blockages and old habits. Yoga Nidra uses the process of sleep to have a positive influence on our subconscious.


Nuad (passive yoga) combines energy work, movement exercises, stretching and acupressure.

Thanks to Nuad, people can "feel themselves again" and perceive themselves in a new way.


"A wonderful feeling!"



Therapeutic yoga in individual settings tailored to your specific needs.

Through integration of chakras and meridians, fascia, Yin Yoga, breathing, meditation suitable for mobilization, strengthening and balance


Yoga in small groups (max. 6 people)

Individually tailored to the group


Michéle's book:

Chakras in balance with Yin Yoga


"Practicing with Michéle is balm for body, mind and soul"

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Private Sessions
• yoga
• ⁠sadhu boards practices
• ⁠sound bathing and vibration massage ​


Mini groups (6 people max)
3 hours sessions
• practice of kundalini yoga
• ⁠meditation standing on sadhu boards
• ⁠relax in shavasana listening to healing sounds of singing bowls and other sacred instruments


All sessions are guided with pure aroma oils helping in emotional correction

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