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In the course of my life I have had good experiences with people, products and companies. I would like to share this with you.
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Cosmetics by Himalaya's Dreams


Balance based on tradition and naturalness. With confidence in quality, health and hygiene, the imagination is stimulated in a sensual, dreamy and enjoyable way. On this basis, a self-confident cosmetic line is created.


Wild Harvest

Drinking tea with deep joy 

There are teas that will put a happy smile on your face. Center your body and mind. Inspired by the wealth of knowledge of Ayurveda, the herbal and spice tea blends from WildeHarvest have been carefully developed for each dosha and are aimed at balancing your individual nature. Integrated into everyday life, this means deep joy and great well-being.

Goldworks Schliersee


With the colorful yoga aids from Goldwerk Schliersee, we would like to motivate you to consciously feel and perceive yourself through yoga and meditation in order to achieve your greatest possible self-efficacy. 

Good vibes only - with heart and prana.

Hotel Meierhof/Schuettkasten in Geras


It doesn't matter where you come from - even the arrival promises what the Schüttkasten in the idyllic nature park town of Geras holds. The almost endless expanse of meadows and fields all around let the spirit come to rest and open the soul.

Generali Healthy all round


All-round healthy Generali supports the AyurVienna services.

Schneeweis Wittmann ≈ Graphic Design


Schneeweis Wittmann ≈ develops ideas and holistic concepts to make the beauty of things visible.

Katja Horninger
Photographer, Ayurveda Mental Coach & Yoga teacher


As a photographer, Katja has focused on portrait/yoga and personal branding photography and supports people to (re)discover their beauty.

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