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Fri, Oct 25


Meierhof Geras

Panchakarma in autumn

11 days classic detoxification cure € 1,900 spa flat rate plus € 990 hotel/room flat rate (single room)

Panchakarma in autumn
Panchakarma in autumn

Zeit & Ort

Oct 25, 2024, 2:00 PM – Nov 03, 2024, 2:00 PM

Meierhof Geras, 2093 Geras, Austria

Über die Veranstaltung

Health reset. 

11 days: In-depth cleansing and detoxification concept on all levels. 

Sustainable elimination of disruptive factors with subsequent regeneration of body and mind for significantly more life energy, noticeable well-being, regulated intestinal health and a strengthened immune system. Including Ayurvedic anamnesis, lifestyle coaching, nutritional advice, cooking workshops and a balancing exercise program. For complaints or chronic diseases, eg skin diseases, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, rheumatism, allergies, asthma, mental problems.

The end

We start with a medical consultation and determine the individual course of treatment.

The first 3-4 days are dedicated to the detox process and the absorption of ghee and include extensive oil massages to oil the body inside and out. Day 4 or 5 is the expected detoxification day, which will start with an abdominal massage and then proceed more calmly. 

After a build-up day, the regeneration phase begins with individual focal points.

The days are well structured, with a good mix of gentle activity and regeneration, leaving time for 

Me time and retreat.

3 warm meals a day that nourish and purify in equal measure and activate our digestive fire.

The daily massages and treatments are planned according to the individual therapy plan and the course of the treatment - detoxifying, energizing, relaxing or regenerating.

In the morning we start with a nice yoga session, which does not require any prior knowledge, or we use the new day for an activating breathwalk.

Before going to bed we let ourselves be inspired by a meditation or sing healing songs and chant to let the soul vibrate, gong baths exude good vibes...

If you would like to immerse yourself more in the Ayurveda world, we would be happy to invite you to the evening lectures. Interesting facts about spices and nutrition are conveyed in cooking workshops.

Wonderful time out for all senses - to bring body, mind and soul into balance.

A fountain of youth and a source of well-being.

The group size is limited.

Your comprehensive Ayurveda cleansing treatment under experienced treatment management

For the safety of the participantsprior to the treatment, an anamnesis is mandatory

The evaluation can be carried out at the Zentrum am Stadtpark or online.

It serves to determine suitability for a detoxification cure  and also contains nutritional recommendations for preparation. If there are contraindications, an outpatient preliminary treatment is considered.

The costs for the preliminary survey amount to € 120 and are charged separately.

The 11-day course includes

  • 10 nights in a single room and Ayurvedic full board at the Meierhof
  • Constitution survey, pulse and tongue check
  • pre-treatment meeting
  • Constitutional Determination 
  • 9 full body oil massages 
  • 2 partial body massages 
  • Special treatments if necessary
  • 9 heat treatments 
  • Classic cleaning methods with internal oiling
  • Ausleitung 
  • 3 x colon cleansing (bastis) 
  • Phytotherapy as needed 
  • Medical & therapeutic care
  • Morning yoga session, breath walks, evening meditation
  • Lectures, nutrition and cooking workshop
  • Supporting program for all senses

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